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Sweet Amsterdam, novo single dos The Black Mamba disponível a partir de hoje em todas as plataformas digitais

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After "Love is On My Side" and "Crazy Nando", The Black Mamba now releases "Sweet Amsterdam", the third single from the band's fourth album "Last Night In Amsterdam". The music is now available on all digital platforms.

"Sweet Amsterdam" tells the story of two friends who decided, in the early 70's, to leave everything behind and set out on a new adventure towards Amsterdam, one of the hippie capitals of the world. Together they broke the chains that bound them to dead-end jobs and an ordinary life and set out on a one-way trip.


The Black Mamba - Sweet Amsterdam

Their recognizable chemistry, combined with a vast musical experience, allowed The Black Mamba to travel through the worlds of blues, soul and funk, adapting it to their roots and environments. In just over ten years, the band has become one of the most important names in the Portuguese music scene and it is more than predictable that it will remain here for many more years.



12 February - Porto

13 February - Leiria

11 March - Braga

14 January 2022


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