Tainá will perform 3 shows this week in Germany and is set to release a new single on Friday

TAINÁ travels this week to Germany, where she will perform in the cities of Karlsruhe, Lörrach and Honigsee on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Also having concerts scheduled in Portugal at the end of July and August, - it is possible to consult the artist's schedule of shows bellow - on Friday, 23rd of July, TAINÁ will introduce her new music, PEITO DIVIDIDO.

After publishing her debut and homonymous album in 2019, she was awarded in the Lusofonia category of the second edition of the Play Awards, and with a tour in the main stages of the country. Now, TAINÁ is back to indoors and outdoors concerts with the composition of a new repertoire.

«I know where I am, I just don't forget where I came from», sings TAINÁ in PEITO DIVIDIDO, the new single by the Brazilian artist of indigenous descent who saw the dream of music come true in Portugal. In her unique way, which is fascinating by the poetry in every song she writes, composes and sings, TAINÁ shows once again that she is an excellent storyteller. Her hearth may even be divided between Brazil and Portugal, but her music will always be able to unite both sides of the Atlantic. PEITO DIVIDIDO to be discovered in full this Friday, July 23rd.

19 July 2021


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