Valete, the stage name of Keidje Torres Lima, is one of Portugal’s top rappers. He first got involved in the hip-hop movement in Portugal in 1997 and has released two albums that, together, have sold over 11,000 copies.

Colete Amarelo” (Yellow Vest) is the first track on “Em Movimento” (In Movement), the much-awaited new album from Valete. It follows on from “Serviço Público” (Public Service), which came out in 2006. It will be a sort of public experiment, with Valete revealing one track at a time, up to the official launch of an album that will confirm him as a social rapper, a progressive and as being intimately linked to the original values of the Hip-Hop culture.

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23 Jul 2021
Valete Madeira, Summer Opening Festival POR


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