O Terno

This Brazilian power trio’s fourth album flies in the face of the general trend of producing one-off singles, presenting, instead, a solid conceptual opus that needs to be listened to right through. With orchestral arrangements that are more refined and more grandiose than any of their previous works, O Terno have found a musical space that transcends the well-known and well-trodden boundaries of jazz, indie, MPB, erudite music and rock. The band’s sound, by the way, says it all, with Tim Bernardes’ guitar and voice, Guilherme’s bass and Biel Basile’s drums working together to serve the greater good. If you want to take the pulse of good new Brazilian music, go to an O Terno concert. 

“Definitively existentialist, the fourth album from this São Paulo band captures a certain maturity, with farewells, new arrivals and string arrangements.”

Rolling Stone Brazil


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