Mayra Andrade

If you choose to go a Mayra Andrade concert, you certainly won’t regret your decision. The affectionate relationship between Portugal and this Cape Verdean singer is nothing new, in fact it seems to be stronger than ever. It may well be one reason why Mayra moved from Paris to Lisbon a few years ago and decided to sing in Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole on "Manga", her new album, and leave behind the French and English of previous recordings.

In embracing her new sound, which blends Afrobeat, urban music and traditional Cape Verdean rhythms, Mayra Andrade has never sounded so current and yet so connected to her roots. In concert, backed by 4 extraordinary musicians, Mayra Andrade is in full flow, confident and at ease with the new musical proposition that she lays out before her audience. The genuinely enthusiastic celebration on stage spreads like wildfire and seizes her audience, from the very beginning of the show right through to the last note, thanks to dynamics planned down to the millimetre with the colour of the hot rhythms that none can resist and the enticing envelopment of Mayra Andrade’s voice.


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