IRMA is well known to the general public for her acting work, whichever Portuguese TV channel they watch. Now, she is making her singing début in her own name, with her first single “Da mesma pele”. In the artist’s own words, this song "tells a story of a love that was never to be. A story that has all it takes for a happy ending, but on completely different pages for each person.”

Carolina Deslandes, who helped write the lyrics, certainly believes that, because of her many talents, one of which is “singing with her heart in her mouth”, IRMA has a really bright future ahead of her. 

IRMA was born in Lisbon. However, her identity has been much shaped by Angolan culture, as the grandparents with whom she grew up came from Angola. When she was 12, she inherited her mother’s guitar. Since then, she has hardly put it down, whilst also venturing into songwriting, first in her bedroom before, little by little, opening the door to the wider world.

In 2019, music has taken on a much bigger role in her life and she has launched her first single “Da mesma pele”. One thing she knows is that the stage is where she belongs, whether as an actress or as a singer.


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