The release of PRIMAVERA, IRMA’s debut album, coincided, not by chance, with her birthday, symbolically marking the birth of a promosing singer, lyricist and composer of the new generation of Portuguese artists. IRMA is a complete artist who, despite having first established herself with the general public as an actress, she has in singing and composition the oldest expression of her talent, combining singing with acting.

Author of the songs and lyrics of the 9 songs that make up PRIMAVERA, IRMA shares the arrangements and production of her debut album with Pity. The opening single, QUALQUER HORA, was written 10 years earlier and recalls that “there is no condition to love. There is no time, no place, no way to love yourself better or worse. There is love and everything that doesn't seem like love is not love”. The second single, MONAMI, “is a letter written to all children, to grow up with the notion that they can save the world. Children are the seed of all the flowers that can be born. Each one of us has to take responsibility for our own life, for society and for the world”. Counting down to the PRIMAVERA edition, we were dancing to the irresistible third single DA MESMA PELE, in which IRMA tells us that “in any relationship there has to be an update every now and then. As in applications. We have to catch up with each other. Knowing that we are on the same page, even if time has already placed us in a different place. But even in different places you can always choose not to let go, to be always forever”.

IRMA was born in Lisbon but its identity reflects a strong influence of the Angolan culture, country of her grandparents. At the age of 12, she inherited a guitar from her mother, who never stopped exploring, while she ventured into song writing, first inside her room and step by step with door open to the world. Graduated in Performing Arts, because she has always believed that music, theatre and dance complement each other, she has several roles as a fictional actress broadcasted in several national channels and has already been part of the cast of several musicals.


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