Carolina Deslandes

Carolina Deslandes is one of the biggest names in the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers. With millions of views on YouTube, her career has been meteoric since first bursting onto the scene, establishing herself as a major figure in both the digital world and in contemporary national music too.

Casa”, her third album, was released on 20th April and went straight to no. 1 in the national sales charts, becoming the highest selling debut album in 2018. Tracks on the album include “A Vida Toda” – a Gold Single viewed over 7 million times on YouTube – and “Avião de Papel” (lyrics and song by Carolina Deslandes) featuring Rui Veloso, which was viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube in only 2 months and went straight to the top of the national sales and streaming charts.

Carolina took part on the Portuguese TV show “Ídolos” in 2010 to wide public acclaim. In 2012, “Não É Verdade”, from the album by the same name, was viewed 3.5 million times and was her first single to air on primetime Portuguese radio. In 2014, she released “Blossom” and “Mountains”, a duet with Agir, which was an unprecedented success, registering over 11 million views to date.

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