António Zambujo

António Zambujo is still one of the biggest names in Portuguese music, culture and language and, for a number of years now, he has been on a near non-stop world tour. 

He has carved out a musical career by forging a unique path that lies somewhere between Fado and Cante Alentejano and has consistently refused to be held hostage to any particular musical genre or school. Thus, it is no real surprise that he has wholeheartedly embraced the influence of Brazilian music, by bringing out a Chico Barque tribute album. In 2017, ‘Até Pensei Que Fosse Minha’ (I Even Thought It Was Mine) earned him a Latin Grammies nomination, in the Brazilian Popular Music category. It is also no surprise that, in late 2018, he named his latest album of original recordings ‘Do Avesso’ (Of the Flip Side). Here, he once again reinvents himself and broadens the range of his musical language, by bringing in the Lisbon Sinfonietta Orchestra and three of Portugal’s most talented musicians and producers: Nuno Rafael, Filipe Melo and João Moreira.

There are many worlds in António Zambujo’s universe. And when he plays live, whether alone with his guitar or surrounded by his musicians, it is quite clear that we are in the presence of not just a first-rate vocalist and musician but one that also has a unique ability to engage his audience.

Next Shows

26 Apr 2019
António Zambujo Vigo, Auditorio Palacio de Congresos Mar de Vigo ESP

11 May 2019
António Zambujo Seixal, Canções para Revoluções - Parque Urbano do Seixal POR

23 May 2019
António Zambujo Lyon, Opera de Lyon FRA

24 May 2019
António Zambujo Coimbra, Convento S. Francisco POR

25 May 2019
António Zambujo Leiria, Feira de Maio POR

30 May 2019
António Zambujo Santiago do Chile, Festival de Fado Chile

21 Jun 2019
António Zambujo Madrid, Festival del Fado ESP

22 Jul 2019
António Zambujo Cartagena, La Mar de Músicas ESP

28 Jul 2019
António Zambujo Cantanhede, EXPOFACIC POR

30 Aug 2019
António Zambujo Funchal, MEO Sons do Mar - Com participação de Ana Moura POR


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